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Comic 94 - Underage Bachelor Surprise!

Underage Bachelor Surprise!
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in 2017

26th Jun 2017, 12:00 AM
When you want to give your child a big, special cake for his birthday, you better check it doesn't have any "surprises" inside it. Unless your child is Hugh Hefner or Charlie Sheen. XD

This comic had some inspiration from an old gift for a friend of mine. And the little boy and his shocked mother are the same ones from Sweet Chimichanga's first issue, Flu Shot Season Fever: Flu Shot Season Fever

When I was designing the cartoon, I was going to name the little birthday boy, Danny. But, then I decided to make him the boy from the comic series' first issue in celebration of having six issues away from Sweet Chimichanga's 100th issue. Yep, 6 more to go before the 100th issue. Yay! But, by forgotten coincidence, his name is Donny. Wow! One letter away from the same name. Crazy. At least, Donny had a grand surprise for his birthday. :D