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Comic 81 - E For Embarrassment!

E For Embarrassment!
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in 2017

27th Mar 2017, 12:00 AM
There's one for the Anonymous blooper videos. XD

If anyone knows Anonymous, you know they live up to their name; they are an anonymous group of people. These web-surfing vigilantes and V For Vendetta fans save the world by exposing the dirty laundry of the world's politicians, businessmen and organizations of the evil deeds they have committed. To protect their identity, their Guy Fawkes masks sealed their faces from the enemies of true freedom and justice while telling which senator took bribes from an oil company or what big retail store company treats their workers like slaves. But, they should remember to close their bedroom doors. XD

I hope anyone of you members of Anonymous enjoy this satirical piece of free speech and continue the fight against corruption and injustice. :)