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Comic 80 - Clothing Not-optional!

Clothing Not-optional!
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in 2017

20th Mar 2017, 12:00 AM
It's true, greed can blind a person. And now, a lot of mothers are blinding their children with their hands from the sights of Carl and Rachel's birthday suits. XD

I had this cartoon idea for a while and decided to make this in honor of the Honeymoon story arc from Mark A. Smith/FreyFox's Transmission comic series where the recently married Russell and Linda Harvey celebrated their Hawaiian honeymoon making love on the beach and losing their clothes by a rogue wave. So in the spirit of furry couples and public nudity, my OCs Carl and Rachel deal with a similar fate like them. But, Rachel is shown to be more exposed than Linda and I know for sure you guys are enjoying this. Don't worry, everybody. Carl and Rachel will deal with more public nudity in future strips. ;)

The police officers arresting Carl and Rachel are based off the police officer characters Sheriff Bronson Stone from Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated and Lt. Mitch Kellaway from The Mask comic franchise. But the two are a panther and a spotted newt. I wanted to include a character based off Inspector Divo of the Coruscant Police from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but as a pig. Except, there's not enough room. Hopefully, I'll add him in another comic strip. They're just my favorite cartoon police officers, including Kellaway's partner, Doyle, and Ralph the Warner Brothers Studios security guard from the Animaniacs TV series, and I want to make characters based off them.

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