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Comic 77 - Dinner For Clucks!

Dinner For Clucks!
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in 2017

27th Feb 2017, 12:00 AM
Can somebody remind me why Derek Liberty the insensitive, idiot cat is invited in the first place? XD

Even though only wild, feral animals can be farmed and eaten in this anthro world like in the real world, some people can still be offended and angry at seeing their own kind being served with a side of coleslaw and potato wedges. Someone should the cops so that pissed rooster doesn't kill Derek, unless you want him to. XD

And I hope you all enjoy looking at Rachel's fine-looking raccoon butt. XD

Rachel Ringtails the raccoon, Carl Vixson the fox, Derek Liberty the cat and Rusty Kentucky the rooster are created and owned by me.