Sweet Chimichanga!

Comic 31 - Why Can't They Be Friends?!

Why Can't They Be Friends?!
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in 2015

10th Jun 2015, 11:13 PM
The lovely raccoon girl and fox boy are back for the third time as recurring characters and here's their official names: Carl Vixson the fox and Rachel Ringtails the raccoon, (formerly named Scarlett.) Carl and Rachel are two of many recurring characters for the Sweet Chimichanga! series.

Prey and predator somewhat exists in a world of anthro characters in nature. But in civilization, special programs like these try their best to bring peace and love to your fellow civilized man and woman. It always fails in the end, ha-ha!

Sorry for the long wait for this cartoon. I have been going through distractions and last bits of schoolwork for the Spring quarter.