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Comic 20 - All's Fair In Oscar War

All's Fair In Oscar War
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in 2015

23rd Mar 2015, 7:54 AM
Even though it's been weeks since the Academy Awards last month, I just wanted to do this. :)

Money does buy happiness in Tinsel Town. And this mouse has enough to buy it all. Poor Mr. Bunny. And poor Emmet and his friends.

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why is the size of all ur comics so big

23rd Mar 2015, 12:41 PM edit delete reply


Sorry, I don't how to fix that.

23rd Mar 2015, 9:16 PM edit delete reply

oh ok

24th Mar 2015, 12:29 PM edit delete reply


Thank you for understanding. :)

27th Mar 2015, 11:18 PM edit delete reply


Hey, gravyman. The cartoons being too wide is solved. The website has got a new layout and fixed the problem. Hooray!

6th May 2015, 11:11 PM edit delete reply

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