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Comic 104 - Vacation Evil: Furries of the Dead!

Vacation Evil: Furries of the Dead!
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in 2017

4th Sep 2017, 12:00 AM
Next time, they shouldn't use Umbrella Corp. Travel Agency. XD

My characters Rachel Ringtails the raccoon girl, Carl Vixson the fox guy and Derek Liberty the piece of crap cat are taking a vacation to fabulous American metropolis, Raccoon City. Only problem is that the locals are not friendly towards tourists. XD

This cartoon strip is my biggest multiple-character cameo pic yet. With this being a furry-related picture and many of my friends having a deep love for anthro characters and my love of adding my friends into my work like "celebrity guest stars", I couldn't resist. The two characters attacking Rachel the raccoon girl are Sam the wolf, WolfJedisamuel's fursona and Rocky Rabbit, RockyToonzComic's fursona. Since they have a "unique taste" for furry women, I let them have fun with my girl, Rachel. The ones attacking Carl on the bus are Keeny Fox, FreyFox's fursona eating Carl's right arm, Dusk the vixen, AjayRulezzz's fox character eating Carl's left arm, Lightfoot Von Raccoonavania, RaccoonPioneer's younger brother raccoon character on the right side of the bus along with FreyFox's fursona, Jacob the arctic fox, Fox-Jake's fursona on the left side of he bus right by Ajay's character. The raccoon girl behind Fox-Jake's and Ajay's characters is Stephanie Von Raccoonavania, RaccoonPioneer's character, the bunny girl behind her is BarbaraTheBunny's fursona and wolf/raccoon hybrid girl above Ajay's character is Bonnie Cooper, my dear friend, Angie's fursona who isn't here on deviantArt anymore. I hope all of you enjoy this multiple cameo I added you all in. I just love involving you guys in my artwork. :)

Also the bear girl with the cap behind Stephanie Von Raccoonavania is my OC, Sparky Tickleburger.

I also dedicate this zombie-themed comic strip to the late great filmmaker, George Romero, who died on July 16 this year due to lung cancer. He created such iconic zombie films as Dawn of the Day, Day of the Dead and of course, Night of the Living Dead. I hope I honored his legacy with this comic strip.

Barbara Bunny is created and owned by
Keeny Fox is created and owned by http://freyfox.deviantart.com/
Bonnie Cooper is created and owned by my dear friend, Angie Nickleson.
Lightfoot and Stephanie Von Raccoonavania is created and owned by http://raccoonpioneer.deviantart.com/
Rocky Rabbit is created and owned by http://rockytoonzcomics.deviantart.com/
Jacob the arctic fox is created and owned by
Dusk the vixen is created and owned by
Sam the wolf is created and owned by http://wolfjedisamuel.deviantart.com/
Rachel Ringtails, Carl Vixson, Derek Liberty the fat militia zombie killer cat and Sparky Tickleburger is created and owned by me. http://warnerrepublic.deviantart.com/

RIP George Romero. Thank you for all the classic zombie films you have given us.