Sweet Chimichanga!

Comic 103 - What a Ghastly Proposal!

What a Ghastly Proposal!
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in 2017

28th Aug 2017, 12:00 AM
So, there's no jewelry stores in a medieval-fantasy world? XD

My idiot and poor excuse of a superhero, even an anti-hero, Psycomore, returns for another adventure in the Sweet Chimichanga! series as he proposals to a lovely and fair lady of royalty with an extravagant ring he got from his latest death-defying journey. It's a beautiful ring, only if you can tolerate the killer ghosts and evil spirits that are trying to kill you for wearing it. And don't forget the creepy, food-deprived, bald freak of nature from a popular medieval-fantasy film franchise that is after "his precious." XD

Psycomore is created and owned by me.