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28th Oct 2017, 8:05 PM

My comic series, Sweet Chimichanga! Is rebooting

My comic series, Sweet Chimichanga! Is rebooting.

That's right; my own comic series is starting over as a new one.

Today, after putting a lot of thought, I decided to restart the Sweet Chimichanga! series to become a better, newer and more well-design series and leave behind the strips of the previous one. After being inspired by my friends, FreyFox's Transmission comic series, RockyToonz Cartoon series, and Fox-Jake's Future Furries and Mark and Nicole pictures, I've decided to have my own comic series to be focused primarily on anthropomorphic animals and have possible story arcs.

Here's the information on the rebooted Sweet Chimichanga! series and the previous one:

-There's a couple of strips made and scheduled to be post online that will be the reminder of the previous Sweet Chimichanga! series. Afterward, the series will be on hiatus for the rebooted one to be in development.
-The new series will separate from the previous one and the characters will be anthropomorphic animal characters only. My furry characters, Rachel Ringtails, Carl Vixson, Derek Liberty, Sparky Tickleburger and many others will be returning as the main and supporting characters. The human and non-animal ones will probably become anthro characters or be hidden easter eggs in the strips.
-Carl Vixson's name will be James instead, since his first name no longer interests me. XD
-Single page comic strips focused on satire and slice of life jokes will continue, but story arcs with multiple strips are planned.
-Planning on creating 10 comic strips in advanced before launching the reboot series to get a head start.
-I'm planning on creating my own groups for the comic series here on deviantArt and Facebook to help promote the series.
-I'm delating the comic series' on ComicFury since it's mainly dead due to having only a few comments and like 5 to 6 subscribers. But a new one will probably be made with better style and hopefully, more comments and subscribers than before.
-New female original characters will be joining the series with their debut strips planned.
-The comic strips of the previous series will stay on deviantArt for others to enjoy.

I hope this new series will be more popular, more well-designed and drawn, more commented and more successful than the previous one.

Thank you all so much for your support for my comic series these past years. It means a lot and I hope you will support, enjoy and love the new one that is coming. Hopefully, more successful.

Posted by: Warner Republic