Sweet Chimichanga!

About The Series

.How it all began:

In 2014, a young Seattle community college student named Harry C. Schwendemann with wannabe dreams of becoming a world famous cartoonist and writer starts his first cartoon draft to be posted at the Highline Community College newspaper named The ThunderWord, paving the way of starting the foundation of his freelance cartoonist career and hobby. The first cartoon draft was titled, Arrogence Is Deadly, starring the egotisical superhero, Psycomore. But, the very first cartoon to be published on the ThunderWord newspaper was Flu Shot Season Fever in October 16, 2014, the second cartoon Schwendemann created. Afterward, Schwendemann became a regular contributor for The ThunderWord school newspaper, drawing, inking and submitting cartoons until April 23, 2015, with the last published cartoon being Return to sender, eh?

Since the beginning, Schwendemann decided to post his cartoons online for his deviantArt account, WarnerRepublic. He decided to turn them into online comic series dedicated to satirical humor, parodying popular culture and real life situations with rare moments of dark humor and slapstick. He titled the series, Sweet Chimichanga! Named it after an old, personal catchphrase, Schwendemann used to say. Even after the last published cartoon for The ThunderWord, Sweet Chimichanga! continues on as a weekly cartoon series, posting new issues on ComicFury and deviantArt on the same day. Continuing its purpose of poking fun of the many mistakes and morons with its slogan; A Slice of Life with a Side of Laughter.